The most important advice I can offer when it comes to your attire for ANY session is to dress in a way that makes you comfortable, this is especially true for Newborn Lifestyle sessions. Let your everyday wardrobe help you decide what you wear!

Keep it light

We want your baby to be the main focus of the session so keeping everything else simple and neutral is key. Soft colors such as white/ivory, blush, grey, browns etc work great! It is best to start with moms outfit and coordinate the rest of the family within the same color scheme, but avoid mom and dad wearing the same color!

Also adding texture adds dimension and softness to your images. Think about including a cardigan or textured sweater to your attire.

Keep it casual

This session takes place in your home so you will want to look comfortable. You won't want anything that will restrict movement or prevent you from getting into a certain pose.

Leave the high heels in the closet for this one! I find that it looks best when families go barefoot for these photos!

What about baby?

Dressing your newborn will be the easy part, Less is more! I love a simple neutral tone onesie/gown or even just a diaper! A muslin swaddle can add some variety as well as calm baby if they are having a hard time settling. Feel free to include a hat or small bow for some of your images as well!